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Jenna Phillips

Jenna Phillips

Vegas Primer

About Jenna Phillips

Jenna Phillips is the Founder and Owner of Vegas Primer, a popular Las Vegas travel website dedicated to helping visitors understand how the beach clubs and nightclubs work. Backed by years of VIP hosting experience, the site offers an abundance of free inside club knowledge covering topics from guest list and tickets to tips for seeing the top DJs and performers.

Most notably, Vegas Primer is known for offering some of the most comprehensive club guides and tutorials in the industry. The company’s online success not only stems from its content but also its unique point of view. Articles aren't just written from a VIP host's perspective, but they also capture and address the struggles that guests endure at the venues. It was the desire to help with these struggles that were one of the main reasons why Vegas Primer was initially founded.

In addition to the website, Vegas Primer also operates as an independent hosting company in Las Vegas. For clients interested in bottle service, Vegas Primer assists with nightclub and pool party recommendations, price quotes, bottle deals, table selection, and, most importantly, booking table reservations at the clubs.

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