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Jay Allen

Jay Allen

Unseen Japan

About Jay Allen

Jay Allen is the Publisher of Unseen Japan and the owner of UJ Media Services . Jay has worked in the IT industry for 25+ years for companies such as Kodak, Amazon, and Microsoft, among others. A software developer by training, Jay has spent the past seven years on large-scale technical training for Fortune 500 IT companies, supporting mass unattended training online and large-scale, in-person training events such as AWS re:Invent.

Now a copywriter, WordPress publishing expert, and Japanese to English translator, Jay leads UJ Media Services, which focuses on end-to-end Web site creation and management, Japanese translation, and Japan business consulting. Jay loves using his diverse skill set and unbounded energy to help businesses promote their products and services by uniting content with technology. Jay and his wife split their time between Seattle, WA and Tokyo, Japan, and spent their free time cooking delicious food and trying new Japanese sakes.

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