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James Costa

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I have been a professional photographer and video producer for over 32 years. I have extensive news, online video, sports, television commercial, corporate, legal, event, university and documentary video experience, as well as, over 5 years of audio visual experience, live theater experience as a stage technician for an additional 5 years, 2 years experience designing and installing Audio-Visual components in corporate settings and retail sales and management experience in Audio-Visual. Most recently, I have been the senior producer for an advertising agency producing all their radio and television commercials and I have also been editing a television show airing on the Motortrend network. I am also a published author and accomplished public speaker on video production topics, all in addition to running a video blog offering technology tips, tricks and training aimed at senior citizens. I have my own YouTube channel with over 4300 completed projects on it and millions of views. I also have an Instagram photography/videography account and a Facebook account with sample projects on it.

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