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Hector Maggi

Hector Maggi

TFT Pneumatic

About Hector Maggi

Hector Maggi is the founder and CEO of TFT-Pneumatic, a Houston based Distributor of Industrial Pneumatic Tools and Non-Sparking Tools. All the products under TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety Tools are Classified as COLD WORK, thus not requiring a Hot work Permit, Habitats, Fire watches, slow down, shut-ins, or nitrogen purging. Started in 2007, Hector secured the company's first clients by going door to door to request meetings to demonstrate the products. TFT-Pneumatic's target markets are Oil and Gas maintenance companies, manufacturing corporations, with material removal applications. Other examples are forges, foundries, shipyards, mines, car assembly plants, heavy-duty equipment manufacturing, aluminum boat manufacturing, to name a few. Customers can purchase or rent tools and equipment, and also get maintenance and repairs from TFT-Pneumatic. Hector lives in Houston, TX with this wife and family, and enjoys spending his leisure time fishing or off-roading.

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