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Deacon Hayes

Deacon Hayes

Well Kept Wallet

About Deacon Hayes

My name is Deacon Hayes and I’m a financial expert and the owner/founder of WellKeptWallet.com. Well Kept Wallet was started to help provide personal finance resources for people across the world. After paying off $52,000 of debt in 18 months with my wife, Kim, we decided to share our story and help other people pay off debt, save money, and improve their finances overall. Who knew it would turn into a blog with over 1M viewers?? What I did know is I had to use my experience and share it with others. Now my team writes on topics such as: How to save money, how to make money, how to get out of debt, investing, and side hustles. In fact, I used many techniques we now talk about on my blog because I did not want to go into debt starting a business. We used a cash system and it paid off.

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