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David Plumridge


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David Plumridge is a Founder and CEO of several start-ups where he has enjoyed using his technical skills to solve real problems. While traveling around the world, he often found himself struggling to find a place to store his luggage. This prevented him from making the most of his time in a new city. After returning home (Melbourne, Australia), he thought about how to solve this problem. He then went on to be the sole-founder of mindmybag – a platform that helps travelers find convenient luggage storage. The luggage storage locations are local hotels & trusted shops that enjoy the new income stream & exposure that comes with having more foot traffic. MindMyBag quickly scaled to all the major cities in Australia & New Zealand before the pandemic caused travel to slow down. With that newly found spare time, David turned his attention toward building a few SaaS products that tried to solve some of the challenges people were now facing. One of those projects, ActionBuddy, has become really popular with people who have recently found themselves working from home. The goal of ActionBuddy is to help its users improve productivity (by reducing procrastination). The platform does this by matching people with an Accountability Partner (a friend, colleague, or another user) & facilitating the partnership with Loss Aversion as one of the key motivators.

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