David Hooper

David Hooper

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Having been through a few business names myself and worked with hundreds of others to name their businesses, here is what I can say for certain:

1. Your business name should be easy to spell. This is extremely important now that more and more people are doing business online and searching via text. This also means there should be one way to spell it. And if there is more than one way to spell it, get a .com domain name for each option. Avoid "dot com" names with funky spellings.

2. Your business name should be easy to pronounce. This is important if doing any kind of media with audio, including television, radio, and podcasts. It's also important for voice search.

3. A story helps. If the name of your company doesn't tell exactly what you do, having a story behind your name, as long as it's related to the work you do, will help to make your company more memorable. Avoid random names just because you can get a matching domain.

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