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Daniel Cheung


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Daniel has always been intrigued by human behavior. His first foray into entrepreneurship was selling his lunch to his school peers. His first (legal) business was as a wedding photographer. After 10-years, he transitioned across to SEO where he can apply his insights into why people buy and help businesses grow. It turned out to be the perfect segway as he quickly realized the value of digital marketing and cutting through the noise will always hold true. Today, he runs a link building 'agency' that gets brands, individuals and businesses PR-style mentions in popular publications such as Huffpost, Business Insider, and POPSUGAR. Outside of his work, he bakes a mean white and dark chocolate marble pound cake and enjoys buying LEGO. But as we all know, LEGO is not cheap and he gets approval from his wife to splurge on his LEGO by photographing them in funny ways (which you can enjoy from his Instagram handle @naughtyminifigs).

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