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Chris Misterek

Chris Misterek

Self-Made Web Designer

About Chris Misterek

Chris is a self-taught UX/web designer that works for a tech startup in Arizona. BUT, he didn’t start there. For 13 years he was basically a full-time musician. Then 6 years ago his wife of 10 years left him and over half of his income left with her. When that happened he knew he needed to find another way to provide for himself and his 3 daughters as a single dad. BUT, he didn't want to leave his full-time job. On the suggestion of a friend, he gave web design a shot. One free online course later and he knew he loved it. So, he started freelancing as a web designer in his free time. In 18 months he had doubled the income of his full-time job only working 18 hours a week building websites in his free-time.

Then in 2018 at 36 years old he decided it was time to make a career change. He found a tech company only 4 miles away from his house that he fell in love with and new it was meant to be. Now he spends his free time helping other people learn how to have thriving freelance web design side hustles or full-time careers with his website selfmadewebdesigner.com and his podcast with the same name. He loves helping people become their own version of a Self-Made Web Designer and hopes to show that you can overcome adversity and find financial or career breakthrough by building the life you want in web design.

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