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Chinedu Chiana

Chinedu Chiana

Author Lead Machine

About Chinedu Chiana

I am the author of 'The Smart & Common Sense Investor', a roadmap for both the novice and amateur investor, to learn the principles behind building personal wealth from long term investment. I am also an entrepreneur and the founder of several businesses. My company Author Lead Machine helps authors, writers, bloggers and online course creators generate readers and sales by transforming their social media profiles.

I provide training for entrepreneurs and businesses on how to use sales funnels to boost traffic, sales and profits. I help business owners with the skills and strategies to create, build and grow profitable online businesses through sales funnels, social media & email marketing, business automation, copywriting and email marketing. I also invest in early stage businesses primarily through crowdfunding platforms. My blog smartlongterminvestor.com is where I write about and promote various business and entrepreneurial tools and products.

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