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Be fully ready to commit to go all in!* Have your ducks in a row: Do your research, know the industry, have a plan, and translate your vision into the micro-steps and key milestones that have to happen to progress the business. You have to be able to maintain a daily intensity around what you’re building, be willing and ready to wear various (or all) hats, be agile, and hold yourself accountable in building out various aspects of the business. Do not think you’re the expert in all areas, surround yourself with people who can provide guidance, resources, connections, and overall support in bringing your vision to life. Be ready to hit roadblocks, stay motivated to find solutions and persevere. A business will not be built overnight and building one is not for the faint of heart, it takes passion, thick skin, boundless energy, and the long-term commitment and gusto to push it forward.

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