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Brent Chudoba

Brent Chudoba

About Brent Chudoba

Brent is CEO of Biteable, an intuitive video creation platform that delivers professional quality results. Regardless of budget and skills, Biteable helps you create professional videos in minutes. Our easy to use software empowers millions of businesses, schools, organizations, professionals and individuals across the globe. Biteable’s mission is to help anyone put their message in motion. If you can make a Powerpoint presentation, you can make a Biteable. Before Biteable, Brent spent a decade in COO, CFO, & CRO roles at several of the best and most popular productivity software businesses on the Internet: Calendly, Thrive Global, PicMonkey, and SurveyMonkey. His operating career started SurveyMonkey, where he spent seven years and joined as employee fourteen. Before SurveyMonkey, he was an investor at Spectrum Equity, an investment banker Piper Jaffray and an analyst at Andor Capital. Brent attended Columbia University.

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