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Anne-Marie Emanuelli

About Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Anne-Marie Emanuelli is a long-time graphic designer and former art director of Emanuelli Advertising Design in Taos, NM. She studied graphic and communication design at the University of Denver (CO; BFA 1983) and Pratt Institute (NYC; MS 1989). Prior to changing careers due to choosing to start a family, she was advertising, web and graphic designer at The Taos News (1984-1994) and Emanuelli Advertising Design 1994-2005. EMAD was one of the original graphics and web design companies in northern New Mexico, when the Internet came to the area in 1995.

In 2020, she has creatively changed careers once again (timely as it were due to the pandemic) as Creative Director and founder of Mindful Frontiers. Recently retired after 25 years as a classroom teacher, she founded Mindful Frontiers to offer guidance, online courses, and coaching for families, adults, and educators seeking the benefits of mindful meditation. Her background in mindfulness and meditation includes credentials from MindfulSchools.org in curriculum, difficult emotions, compassion and mindful communication.

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