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Alvin Hung


About Alvin Hung

Alvin Hung is a serial entrepreneur with four companies under his belt.

His third company, Vyond, is the leading platform for anyone looking to create professional animated videos. The applications are endless - ranging from marketers pursuing the next viral hit, to businesses providing information on their products and services, or even training videos for HR.

It started back in 2007, when Alvin was looking to make a video. He looked at the plethora of unsuitable options available and thought, “This is going to be tough. I'm going to need to buy a camera, lights, and learn how to use them. Or learn to draw. Or learn some super complex Pixar-type animation interface.”

Being of an entrepreneurial bent, Alvin quickly realized that he couldn’t be the only person with this dilemma: so he built out a team and started the company. From one person in a small office, Vyond has since grown into a business with 100 employees located in Hong Kong, Taipei, and San Francisco Bay Area.

Over half of the Fortune 500 are customers of Vyond. The company has been featured by numerous leading global and local publications, including: CNN, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Wired.

Alvin’s fourth company, Brightful, is a platform designed to connect people meaningfully. Brightful just launched their first application, a suite of icebreaker games designed for remote meetings. Brightful is a #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week on Product Hunt.

Alvin holds a B.A. from Columbia University (NYC) where he double majored in Computer Science and Economics.

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