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Alexandra Booze

Alexandra Booze

East Coast Contessa

About Alexandra Booze

Alexandra Booze is the editor of the international travel and lifestyle blog, East Coast Contessa. Since 2016, she has worked with more than 450 brands from 33 countries across the globe including hotels, restaurants, tourism boards, and media companies to produce still photography, videography, and editorials. A former public relations executive in DC, she has represented numerous domestic and global companies to provide media relations and marketing strategies. Her work has been featured in media outlets such as *Politico*, the *Wall Street Journal*, *The Hill*, *USA Today*, and Huffington Post's *Thrive Global*. Most recently, she was a feature in New York Time's Best-selling Author Chris Guillibeau's book, 100 Side Hustles, a book about successful entrepreneurs across America. Originally from the United States, she currently resides in La Rioja, Spain were she works as a freelance travel writer and English teacher at the renowned Escuela Hostelería y Tourismo culinary school in Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Spain.

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