Read This Before Joining a Co-Working Space

When working in a communal workspace, beware of the many distractions around you, which can prevent you from focusing correctly on a task, especially when you are an introvert and need quiet and silence to get the work done.

This could include the noisy sounds of the coffee machine to people inadvertently holding ad-hoc standing meetings right next to your hot desk!

Events being held in the open spaces can also act as a distraction; when you need to do work that requires 100% of your focus, you may find your progress slows down. As human beings, we are always seeking pleasure over pain, so when you are trying to tackle hard tasks like reviewing financial data, you may find the lure of the free coffee and cake wins far more often than you might have wished for!

You also need to be very organized and can book meeting rooms weeks in advance to ensure you have a quiet professional space to welcome clients, partners or team sessions.