What To Do Before Starting Your Business

Shawn Breyer


*Build Marketing Assets*
When most people start a business, they start with hamster wheel marketing. Hamster wheel marketing is Facebook Ads, cold calls, and direct mail. These
are great for generating income in the short term. However, most new businesses never build evergreen content that will generate income in the long term. Evergreen content is things like YouTube videos and SEO. Building this content takes years to develop but, over time, it can create a steady stream of income. Plus, building a presence on these platforms develops credibility for your business as more and more people research the companies that they are considering doing business with.

*Credibility with Video Content*
When someone is looking for a business to work with, you have to ask yourself what makes you stand out from your competition in the market that provides the exact same services. The easiest aspect to tackle is your credibility and authority within your market. To build this out, you want to create video content for YouTube that you can embed into your website. This video content should include you attending and talking about local events, the local market, client testimonials, and how working with you helped them achieve their personal goals. This provides potential clients with all of the credibility that they need to convince them that you are the expert they are looking for.

*Local SEO*
Focusing your marketing on local SEO services is a sure way to build awareness about your brand within your own community. Your neighbors are your best audience for the website content. They’re the ones who will be searching for the products and services you have to offer. One great tactic is to make sure you are able to be located on Google. Less than half of local retailers have claimed their My Business Listing on Google, which makes it super easy to outpace the local competition by developing your GMB Listing. Reviews are a great way to build social credibility, especially when those reviews show up on the largest search engine. If you have 20 Five Star reviews and your competition doesn't even have a Google Listing, who do you think will get the business? This advertisement is actually essential to increase your brand’s effectiveness.