What Are The Best Podcasts to Subscribe to?

Noah Kagan Presents has been a constant source of new ideas for me. Noah is no question fun to listen to, as he has a great sense of humor. However, when he gets into the nitty-gritty of running a business, especially online marketing, I can't help but come away with new ideas. I often find myself stopping and recording an audio message to myself with a new idea I gathered.

As an early employee at Facebook and Mint, as well as founder of multiple successful startups, the podcast is filled with great stories and insights into what's working now. I too appreciate the timeliness of some of his latest podcasts. His recent series on ways to recession-proof your business was outstanding. On the investing side, I enjoyed his recent interview with NYU Finance Professor Aswatch Damodaran on investing in this new economy. It's definitely a great listen for the younger entrepreneurs out there.