Top Tips Before Starting A Business

Rick Patterson


When I started Poolonomics, I was merely working my way through what career would work best for me. I just got off sports around this time, so everything else that I was experimenting on was something I was unfamiliar with.

Along with many challenges I faced in building my business, my financial struggle when I started was the most prominent. As I was still establishing a name for myself, money was tight. The worst part about it was the difficulty of tracking all the expenses for the business.

That being said, since I didn't have much background in handling finances for a business, I decided to hire an accountant to handle the finances of the company. That way, I won't make similar mistakes in the future due to my lack of expertise. Most importantly, I am assured that expenses are tracked and managed.

One tip I could give is always to assess what your knowledge and skills you have not yet gained. You'll never know how crucial not knowing about something can hurt you in the long run.