Read This Before Joining a Co-Working Space

I wish I'd known that Regus, who owns Spaces, wants to force you into contracts at any cost. I signed a 12-month contract for myself + 2 employees, and they don't tell you that if you don't cancel your contract at least three months in advance, it auto-renews for another 12 months.

Luckily, I did notify them of my desire to cancel early because I was so unhappy with the place -- the front desk people charged us for add-ons without telling us, couldn't remember who we were after 6mo+ of working there, plus amenities were always unavailable, subpar, or out of order -- that I decided we needed to work elsewhere.

Our other office location is located in the Riveter, which has been much better for us to work with (friendly, flexible, professional), but sadly there wasn't one where I was. The Riveter is also much more in line with our mission, as we are a queer-owned company that works with non-profits and early-stage start-ups to tell stories of underrepresented founders.