34 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secret To Starting A Business

Paul Bies


If you're starting a new business, I urge you to invest wisely in the business naming process. While a company can succeed with a lackluster name the ongoing task of building a brand is easier and more cost-effective when the mere mention of your business name creates a positive and lasting impression on your target audience.

A great business name is the result of a powerful positioning strategy. You have to find a fresh way into the hearts and minds of your target audience. Redefine and own the conversation in your industry. And engage people on as many levels as possible. The best company names represent the ultimate process of boiling these ideas down into a word or two.

A creative business name makes it possible to:

* Achieve separation from your competitors
* Make an instant emotional connection
* Reinforce a unique value proposition
* Develop into a self-sustaining PR vehicle.