14 Professionals Share Their Top Tips for Video-Conferencing From Home

Nancy Liberman


In thinking about the hundreds of video calls I’ve been on, this week alone, there are a few givens - have a professional background, be clean, be dressed, and focus on the call you’re on. After that, my biggest tip would be to MANAGE THE MUTE!

When you get on, make sure you’re not muted. There is nothing more frustrating than getting onto a call to see the person on the other end gesturing wildly because they can’t hear you, or you pose a question and get back silence, and when the other person realizes their volume is off, they’ve lost their point.

Similarly, if you’re not speaking, go ahead and mute, but make sure to remember you’ve done it! And make sure any extraneous devices have been muted. In today’s times, when families are working in shared space, muting is welcome. To quote a colleague “not muting your microphone is the new reply all.”