More Top Tips for Video-Conferencing

If you regularly conduct video conferences with colleagues or third party vendors, it's important to present yourself in a professional manner. That means the person on the other side of the camera shouldn't be staring at beer signs, piles of laundry or your closet. That's a surefire way to lose a sale or promotion. It just gives off a vibe that you don't take pride in your job. As a hiring manager, I can personally tell you that I'm turned off when I video conference with someone who doesn't take pride in their work environment. Instead, use a bookshelf or credenza behind your desk to display any awards, certifications, degrees or books related to your job. This will subtly tell the person you're conferencing with that you're an accomplished professional and serious about your position. This will not only help make a good impression on your manager or boss, but it may also help you close an important deal.