Top Tips Before Starting A Business

I believe the top tip for starting your own business is to focus on being internally driven.

If you want to succeed in life, you need to push yourself. You need to stay dedicated to your plan and keep moving forward, even if it negatively affects your income. Being internally driven can also keep you going when you have already achieved a specific goal and maintain that success.

You should avoid being externally driven. This means you are not interested in yielding high-quality work, but instead conforming to the norms other people have imposed so that they have a better chance of immediate success. Being externally driven also makes your progress easier to measure; this is why most people usually lean towards it. This is a short-term game.

People who are internally driven are usually playing a long-term game. I believe that many successful people have attained their level of success of not being afraid to look wrong in the short-term but know that they may be able to look right in the long term.

Being internally driven means that you are inspired by your passion for meeting specific goals. You should focus on pursuing a social change or aim to change someone else's way of thinking rather than immediate wealth. Don't look in the short-term to improve your salary. Look into the long-term to change this norm.

It is essential to be more attached to your core principles, and that means holding onto your values that is a critical component of your success.

Remember that if you are internally driven, you will always make room for personal growth even after you have reached a goal.

Try and understand a person's motivation before you work with them. I always figure out what motivates people to do their work. Is it just for that promotion, or do they have an ambitious goal? This gives me a greater insight into their vision of the world.

Don't focus on the outcome of our work, but rather the journey you are taking.