More Top Tips for Video-Conferencing

My top tip about video conferencing from home is to treat each call as a mini photoshoot and set up your visual presentation to provide the best visual communications impact. You know what they say: a picture tells a thousand words. So, assume that a video conference call must say a million words about you. So much of our human communication is nonverbal (about 90%) and while our colleagues, managers or clients will listen to what we say, they will form opinions based on what they see. Your technology should be working well of course and you want to use a webcam that you can adjust so that you can create the right visual impression. Make sure that you set the shot up so that you are not super close up and rigidly straight on at the camera. If you are too close you might look magnified without any context clues in the background, but set your background so that it simple but uses contrasting colors and objects that do not blend into your head. Research indicates that the left side of the human face is generally more appealing to others than the right side so adjust your eye level camera to create a slight profile. Think of it as a headshot, you want to frame your upper body not zoom in on your eyeballs. However, do use your eyes to look at those you are speaking to. Do not stare at your monitor or the other visuals on the screen. You also want to pay attention to your lighting, practicing until you are certain that there are no odd facial shadows. Practice managing your shoulders hands, and arms and don't forget to smile. Your resting whatever face is not your most attractive.