Top Tips For Working From Home

Shaun Savage


There is nothing more important to me than the health and wellbeing of my team. But, with our workforce newly remote, ensuring strong digital collaboration is a close second. We have incorporated multiple communication platforms into our processes and routines to ensure we can remain connected while physically distant.

Email is not enough to replace the organic synergy that intra-office connections provide. I strongly suggest other entrepreneurs and business leaders implement multiple online collaboration tools to address task management, project tracking, chat, and information posting.

However, my number one tip is to encourage video conferencing. While there may be some resistance from those who were hoping to work all day in pyjamas (and I don’t blame them), there are significant benefits to flipping the cameras on. Videos provide more fruitful communication and connection than audio-only calls. Team members can pick up on non-verbal communication cues. They are more likely to stay focused, instead of multi-task, when they are on camera. And, because everyone is visible, there is more likely to be a lively conversation from all participants, with no one being left out.

As leaders, it’s our job to promote connection and communication at a time when it’s easy to feel distant and isolated. With the plethora of tools available to us, we can bring our teams together and stay united as we move past these hurdles.