What Is The Best Time To Start A Business?

The perfect time to start a business is in the middle of change...whether it is job loss, retirement, maternity leave. Your life is already experiencing change and chaos and that is the perfect time to change your career and start a business. So many people wait for the perfect time and never feel like they reach perfection. The perfect moment may not come but change, whether intended or not, does happen in our lives. We all have dreams and there never seems to be a perfect time. Don't say...if just this aligns up..then. Write out your business idea and plan. Change in you life is the perfect time to chase after you dreams. If you never try, you will never know. I call this the perfect storm.

I personally experienced this perfect storm when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I did not plan on having to be on bed rest, taking early maternity leave, my childcare no longer aligning up, and a work culture rapidly changing that no longer aligned with my goals. I then decided it was the perfect time to chase my dream and start my own business. I started Create IT Web Designs in Cincinnati, Ohio that focuses on web design, development, and SEO for small businesses. I knew starting a new career and being an entrepreneur would be a tough challenge, but I was up to the task. It would be especially so since I had a young child at home. I took on clients quietly for many years until my youngest started Kindergarten until I pursued web design as my full-time career and passion. Followin my dream and starting a business has led me to tremendous growth both professionally and personally.