Read This Before Joining a Co-Working Space

Coworking is marketed as a way for solopreneurs to find community while maintaining their freedom and independence. Coworking websites show people sharing laughter over coffee in a communal kitchen, working on beanbags, and having beers on a rooftop after work. While this is the experience that some entrepreneurs receive, the vibe of many coworking spaces is far from the commercial. Most members are not in the office frequently, and there is no typical problem everyone is working on together. Most of these entrepreneurs have a work style of wanting to be in a silo, and so they remain in a silo. We have plenty of clients who have signed up for coworking only to cancel their membership due to the let down of the social life that it promised. My advice is to do some advanced scouting of the culture of the coworking venue to see if it has the community you are seeking. Ask the community manager what the attendance is at events, and ask to speak with some of the members – you should try to make some friends with existing members while you do your tour.