Important Considerations Before Starting A Business

One thing I think many people forget about (I know I did) is: How are you going to securely transfer files with clients and vendors? When I started
working with clients, I realized I had forgotten this all- important piece of the remote work puzzle. At first, the question seems simple. After all, cloud drive storage is both prevalent and cheap. But most cloud storage solutions are meant for personal or intra-company use. They don't scale well when you have to bring in people from outside of the company. You need a system that:

(1) Allows adding and removing users from any email address not just within your company)
(2) Keeping completely separate workspaces
(3) Is end to end encrypted to ensure client privacy
(4) (Optional but highly useful) Integrates with your existing workstream tools and makes syncing files painless. In our case, this means tools like
Microsoft Office and our translation suite, SDL Trados.