What Are The Best Podcasts to Subscribe to?

Optimal Living Daily, a podcast by Justin Malik, is my recommendation. I've tried out hundreds of podcasts and have found that Optimal Living Daily is perfect for me because it's short (usually between 7-10 minutes) and I'm able to listen while I'm getting ready in the morning. The host collects the best personal development and productivity blog posts from around the web and reads them. That's it! It's a very simple concept that delivers exceptional content. I have a busy schedule, with two small children at home, and a full workday, with little free time to read blog posts. Having the posts narrated so I can do two things at once in the mornings is the perfect recipe for success for me. I look forward to listening and getting tips I can use for my business every morning and have implemented many of the suggestions I've heard on the podcast including how to make better decisions, become more mindful, and make sustainable changes in both my personal and professional life.