34 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secret To Starting A Business

Build a team that gives your company the advantage of diverse viewpoints.. You want the ability to see and solve your challenges and problems early, and to not have blindspots because your whole team is looking at the world from the same perspective. On Boatsetter's team, we've got people from 13 countries who speak 10 different languages. We quite literally have a huge diversity of world views, and it’s a great competitive advantage for us. Hire slow, fire fast. You’ve probably heard this before, but I reiterate it, since it’s guidance that will save you a lot of pain as a leader. Know your strengths and your weaknesses and, very early, bring on expertise to fill in for your weaknesses. Self-awareness and humility will save you a lot of lost time, resources, and energy. Figure out what you are not good at, and then bring aboard people who are great at exactly that. Don’t obsess about making the right decision, focus instead on making your decisions right. As an entrepreneur, creating new things in uncharted territory, you are constantly going to be having to make decisions with incomplete or imperfect information. You should focus on making your decisions in the best possible way, given what you have at hand in that moment, knowing that you might have to adjust in the future. Gather as much information as you reasonably can. Humbly request and hear guidance and critique. Be ready to admit previous mistakes, to change your mind, and to flexibly alter previous decisions. And always be ethical - business is a life-long marathon and people’s trust in you is an asset that will pay you handsomely throughout your career. “One hand for the sailor, one hand for the boat.” This is an old sailing adage that is to remind you that you are only an asset to your team if you take good care of yourself first. If you’re neglecting your own well-being, so over-focusing on dealing with the boat’s issues that you slip and injure yourself or fall overboard, you not only are no longer there to contribute to the team, you are burdening them further with them having to save you. Especially as a founder and CEO, with your passion for your business and your drive to succeed, you have to remember to nurture your own strengths and energies so that you have 110% to give while you are on the job.