34 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secret To Starting A Business

I started a business a little over a year ago and getting going has been more difficult than I thought. I'm finally getting some traction and have a number of things in process that I believe will be successful.

My Top Tips Before Starting Out are these 4:
Note: 1. & 2. Are complimentary to a certain extent concerning validation. 1. Focuses more on the idea and 2. focuses more on the product.

1. Find and watch several of the on-line videos by Rob Fitzpatrick called The Mom Test.
2. Read several of the great articles on-line about Customer Discovery. Pick one that you like and do what it says. You'll learn whether you are ready to go or not.
3. Make sure you or someone on the team has had a successful experience of marketing and sales in the planned product/service marketplace. If not, you must get someone who has such successful experience.
4. List everything the business will do, all processes. There will be some that you haven't done in your career. Make sure these are covered by cofounders, local support people, consultants, etc. You can't waste time learning how to do things.