34 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secret To Starting A Business

Because we work closely with business owners we see a lot of great things that people do to generate success in business (including startups).

There are so many top tips I would give a start up like be clear on who you are targeting or invest in finding the best talent and give them equity but there is one tip that is without doubt the most important.

And that tip is “mindset”. You must develop a positive, CAN DO mindset. Your startup business will throw many unexpected challenges at you. These challenges will do their best to knock you off course. Sometimes those challenges will seem insurmountable. But if you have a clear energetic vision of where you want to go and, most importantly, totally accept that it’s up to you and no one else (victim free zone”) you’ll handle these challenges with ease, your team will feel your energy and success will be just around the corner.

Mindset is truly the foundation of your business success.