What Are The Best Podcasts to Subscribe to?

The Growth Manifesto Podcast is a relatively new series that launched in late 2019. Since I enjoy nerding out on digital marketing, I am always on the lookout for 2 things from an audio experience - a story that resonates with me and something actionable. Rarely do business and marketing podcasts deliver both and that is why I was very happy to chance upon The Growth Manifesto Podcast. For starters, one of the podcast hosts has a significant lisp and this is what caught my attention. I was
immediately impressed by his willingness to be vulnerable and when I heard his speech impairment come through, I just knew this was going to be a great podcast series because if there is one thing I know about people, it is that those who are willing to be who they are tend to be the most humble and honest.

As you will see, the podcast is run by a digital marketing agency. But there is no sales pitch. They simply interview amazing and inspiring business leaders (often from their pool of clients) and the personal journeys that you are privy to - one can extract a lot from. For example, two particular episodes from this series continue to leave a lasting impression on me. One is the episode where the COO of LJ Hooker Australia (Ruth Trewhella) shares how she came to be who she is today - a magnificent and inspiring story of how preparation, hard work and luck come together. The other episode that every entrepreneur or business owner should tune into is the one with Dr Melinda Muth on how to build effective teams. There is SO much incredible value to unpack from the episode.