Important Things For Starting Your Businesss

Make sure when you are selling something, whether it be a service or product – it needs to be relatable and not just marketable. Today more than ever, consumers want to buy products that they can feel loyal to, that they can show off on social media and be proud of. They want a real face behind brands and they want authenticity. When I started this business, I started it knowing that it would be relatable because it was literally created for my own problem that needed to be fixed. I knew I could relate to the customers in the same boat and share my experiences with them, thus cementing the brand’s authenticity and even our authority. They trust the results because we have real human stories with pictures and videos and testimonials. We use social media a lot to drive this home. To reach out to the community and remind them that we’re empathetic to their issues and we can do it honestly and that is something most consumers can suss out. They know when a brand is being genuine. I don’t like being the center of attention and I hate getting on camera. However, I do it because it allows others to see me, hear my story, and relate to who I was and how I can help them. So many times we think we are the only one dealing with something, and you find that if you put yourself out there, others will relate. What you sell has to be relatable. Your brand has to be relatable.