More Top Tips for Working From Home

1. Make a list: The tasks you have to do and the amount of work you have to finish for the given day needs to be put up on your work-pad so that you know your targets; not defining targets for the day can lead you to linger to other areas like surfing a site you don't need to, watching your favorite team play the football match or taking a break chatting with your friends and family.

2. Take time to interact: When you are working from home, you will have no face to face interaction with your boss or colleagues. Make sure you coordinate with other people via phone calls or video calls; also spend some time with family specially during lunch hours or at the end of the day so that you don't feel alienated with the whole work from home experience. Also, if you have young kids then they might not initially understand how work from home works so you will have to sit them down and explain to them that for a few days you will have to be working from home and whenever you are on your work table you will be working and would not like to be disturbed. Hand them their games or toys and you can then do your work from your work table and also keep an eye on what your kids are doing.