Things I Wish I Knew Before Naming My Business

I'm a food writer and recipe developer at Garlic Delight with a story about how my business name ended up embarrassing me, and I stuck with it anyway.

When I chose the name Garlic Delight for my food website, I knew I was picking a polarizing ingredient. I love garlic, and I knew that most of my recipes would contain garlic, if not feature it. However, I wish I knew I would soon become known as "garlic girl" at the networking events I attended and that people can concoct pretty creative jokes about garlic.

I felt embarrassed for a while and even switched my domain to a different one. However, the new name never caught on the same way that Garlic Delight did. In time, I realized I had a pretty great name in Garlic Delight. Someone even told me I picked well because there's a clear boundary between the "c" in "garlic" and the "d" in "delight," which makes the URL more comfortable to read when someone types it in. Most importantly, I realize being a joke is more memorable than a bland name. So, I switched back to Garlic Delight, and I'm happy I have a polarizing name that people like to make jokes about because it helps people remember me.

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