More Top Tips for Working From Home

Wear formal attire. One of the biggest drawback when working at home is that you’ll feel lazy. Our homes are usually places where we can rest and relax. So its only natural that you feel lazy or laid back at home. Unfortunately, this is bad for remote work since it leads to drastic falls in productivity. This is why a lot of companies don’t like to transition to remote work. However, I have a simple solution for this, and it involves wearing the right clothes.

The clothes make the man/woman. This is certainly true when it comes to working productively at home. Wearing boxers and undershirts makes us comfortable and docile which is why you need to stop wearing those clothes and start wearing a suit/dress. When you wear formal clothing, your body tenses up and acts formally as well. You passively mean business and you want to perform to the best of your ability. This is why you should wear formal attire when working from home as well. You’re not there to relax, you’re there to get things done!