How do I open my logo package zip file?

When you purchase any logo package you will be able to download a zip file containing all of the file formats, variants, and sizes of your logo that came with your logo package.

We send you all your logo formats contained in a zip file to make it easy to download everything you need to build your brand with just one click, as opposed to downloading dozens of individual files. Sending your logo package as a zip file also enables us to send them to you in as high-resolution as possible while minimizing file size and download time.

To make the files as easy as possible to work with, we recommend that you download your logo package zip file and extract it on a computer, not a mobile device. This is because opening a zip file and accessing the logos can require special software and be difficult to navigate on a mobile device.


  1. Open the folder where you downloaded your logo package zip file. By default on most browsers this is the Downloads folder.
  2. Right click on your logo package file and click Extract All.
  3. A window will open and you can just press Extract to access them in the same folder the zip file was in or you can choose a custom destination to extract them to.


  1. Open the folder where you downloaded your logo package zip file. By default this will be your Downloads folder.
  2. Double click the logo package zip file or right click on the logo package zip file and select Open With and then Archive Utility.
  3. Your logo package files will now be added to a new folder in the folder you downloaded them to.

If you have any trouble accessing your logo files, just let us know and we'd be to help at

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